London calling

Day 1:

We had to arri­ve at the air­port at 5:20 in the morning. So no one of us was dan­cing, but at least we all arri­ved on time (more or less). After a quiet check-in, flight and check-out we final­ly reached our long awai­ted desti­na­ti­on – Lon­don. We took the under­ground to Bayswa­ter sta­ti­on which was near our youth hos­tel. Unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly, check-in time was not befo­re two o’clock p.m. which was almost two hours ahead of us. At least we were allo­wed to store the lug­ga­ge in one room and so we deci­ded to explo­re the sur­roun­dings around Bayswa­ter sta­ti­on and final­ly grab­bed some food and did some errands in a che­a­per super­mar­ket. After moving into our rooms we went to Lon­don city cent­re by under­ground and wal­ked tog­e­ther from Tra­fal­gar Squa­re to the Lon­don Eye via Big Ben and took lots of pic­tures. After that we had to take our tired pupils back to the hos­tel and cal­led it a day.

Day 2:

As our hos­tel was very clo­se to the Hyde Park we plan­ned to make a hiking tour through the famous park. The wea­ther was nice and our pupils got into con­tact with the beau­ti­ful natu­re (and birds) and so all were qui­te well-tem­pe­red. We made a stop at a café and some of us were drin­king a tas­ty cof­fee or tea and were having some sco­nes or muf­fins. We then arri­ved at the Buck­ing­ham Palace and even if the queen was pre­sent (the flag was his­sed) she did­n’t show up (shame on her). Our exhausted pupils refu­sed to walk ano­t­her mile and so we took the under­ground back to Bayswa­ter. After we sear­ched a café or restau­rant to revi­ta­li­ze our powers we made ano­t­her trip into Lon­don down­town hea­ding to the famous Oxford street whe­re our pupils could go shop­ping until they were rea­dy to drop.

Day 3:

The mar­vell­ous Sunday morning was per­fect for a boat trip to Green­wich. A very Bri­tish humou­red gui­de told us sto­ries about the buil­dings and brid­ges we crossed in our jour­ney. We even saw Sir Ian McKellen’s (Gandalf’s) and Dame Helen Mirren’s houses (my per­so­nal high­light of the boat trip) and had a look at London’s most evil cri­mi­nals – the banks (one of the guide’s jokes). In Green­wich we tried in vain to exp­lain the impor­t­an­ce of the zero meri­di­an, but we were merely cri­ti­zi­sed why we were for­cing the pupils to climb a hill in order to tell them boring sto­ries (it was a try). But all lik­ed Green­wich mar­ket which offe­red lots of bits and pie­ces to look at and to purcha­se. The many activi­tes of the last days took their toll and we went back to the hos­tel by ship and under­ground and the pupils took some rest in their rooms or stay­ed near the hos­tel.

Day 4:

This day we dro­ve to the well-known Kings Cross rail­way sta­ti­on which is, despi­te of its magni­ficent archi­tec­tu­re, more famous becau­se of J.K. Rowling’s Har­ry Pot­ter books and the pre­sent­ly exis­ting store at the inven­ted plat­form 9 ¾. Some of us (yes – me, too) bought qui­te some­thing the­re and pre­ven­ted Mrs Row­ling and her descen­dants from impo­ve­ris­hing qui­te so soon. On our way back we jum­ped out of Covent Gar­den sta­ti­on and stay­ed at the popu­lar mar­ket place until the ear­ly after­noon. Some of our pupils still had a good mind to explo­re some more of Lon­don and so we were taking the ico­nic red dou­ble decker buses for the first time and were dri­ven to the Pica­dil­ly Cir­cus. From the­re we went for a walk over London’s won­der­ful Lon­don bridge, took some mar­vell­ous pic­tures during a per­fec­t­ly timed sun­set and wal­ked the Queens way crossing Shakespeare’s Glo­be thea­t­re and saw the Tower Bridge well-lit at night.

Day 5:

On our last day befo­re our depar­tu­re we took the red buses again so that the rest of our pupils could also expe­ri­ence sit­ting in one of them. We aimed at West­mins­ter and some of us queued up like real Bri­tish peop­le to take a ride on the gigan­tic Lon­don Eye which see­med to be a good expe­ri­ence for them and they appar­ent­ly enjoy­ed the spec­ta­cu­lar view very much. After some time for ever­yo­ne at West­mins­ter we had a date at 4 o’clock at the Lon­don Dun­ge­on. The­re we expe­ri­en­ced an infor­ma­ti­ve and fun­ny, but not so sca­ry show. Unf­or­gett­able, when Mrs Köhn had to appe­ar in court and was accu­sed of having dan­ced naked­ly to con­vin­ce the devil to send her a boy­fri­end. After the show some of us went shop­ping and then we went back to the hos­tel.

Gesamtschule Woltersdorf_Sprachreise London 2017_Skyline

Day 6:

We che­cked out and took the under­ground again to tra­vel back to the air­port. The­re we had to wait qui­te some time for our delay­ed flight, but we arri­ved home safe­ly. It was a won­der­ful trip with pupils which were easy to deal with and so it was a gre­at expe­ri­ence.


Mr Gua­ri­no
sub­ject tea­cher of ger­man and eng­lish