The English Summer Camp took place from June 24th until June 30th at the comprehensive school/Gesamtschule mit gymnasialer Oberstufe Woltersdorf of the FAWZ gGmbH near Berlin.

Approximately 14 students successfully participated in the camp. The coordinators prepared a lot of fun games to encourage the student participants and warmed them up with the English Language. Games were held mostly at the start of the day, but some days there were also more activity games in the afternoon.

Aside from the games, participants made a film about the “Everyday Life of a German Student”. Firstly, coordinators presented some videos about students in other countries (e.g. American Student, German Exchange Student in American School) to help the students conceptualize for their film and reflect on how life of a regular German student is nowadays. Coordinators also presented and guided the students on how to make a short film and to familiarize themselves with a 360-degree camera, how to film and cut the material they shot.

During the filmmaking, participants intensely thought about the topic they wanted to discuss, the storyline, the script, the setting and, last but not the least, the actors and their different roles. Participants laughed a lot along the way of creating their movie.

The students had also been prepared for the virtual encounter with a partner school abroad. Students learned interesting facts about the Philippines, the history and culture as well as facts about the partner school, St. Paul College Pasig, their students and school environment and activities.

The last day was the highlight of meeting on an international level: the students had the opportunity to speak directly with the students from the school in the Philippines via Zoom. Students had the chance to practise their English even more. They exchanged knowledge about the German and the Philippine culture, played games and conducted quizzes.

The exchange has been informative, entertaining, made the participants culturally-aware and it was just a lot of fun.

The students really loved the summer camp: they are keen to produce more exciting films, to continue with the Philippine exchange and hopefully to visit the Philippines one day once the pandemic will be over.

In sum, the first summer camp was a success: the students had fun, enjoyed learning interesting facts about the Philippines, engaging with a different culture, meeting new friends from overseas and speaking English. We are looking forward to the next FAWZ summer camp in 2022!

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